By popular demand, we are excited to announce the addition of Mindinfusions Therapy Sessions, featuring Clinical Hypnotherapist Samantha Jones of North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Australia! And we have added surround sound to make listening even more powerful, and hypnotic video for extra intrigue!

This Session, “Healing & Recovery: Session 1 (Hypnotherapy & Deep Delta Brainwave Series)”, is 30 minutes duration with soothing tranquil music: Tranquil Warm Ambience. It is the first Session of the Healing & Recovery: Hypnotherapy & Deep Delta Brainwave Series.

We released Session 1 as an intriguing taste of the entire Series, so you can get a feel for the music, surround sound, voices and hypnotherapeutic suggestions - including the voice of your Clinical Hypnotherapist Samantha Jones - hypnotic relaxation, any imagery your mind generates and effectiveness of the combination of the specific DEEP DELTA brainwaves in the range of 0Hz-3Hz. This range is associated with intense deep healing, deep rejuvenating dreamless sleep, is calming and soothing to the nervous system, encourages release of human growth hormone and the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin, the natural antidepressant. This session effectively trains your brain from the “inside-out”, and “outside-in”!

An audio-visual preview (at "Watch Trailer"), and more information on the Series and Sessions, including feedback, reviews and testimonials can be found on the full Healing & Recovery: Hypnotherapy & Deep Delta Brainwave Series page.

You may be pleasantly surprised to see and feel results while enjoying the intensely deep rejuvenation and soothing relaxation this Session offers. Of course, for more comprehensive changes on the subconscious level, we do recommend progressing through the previous Series: Healing & Recovery: Hypnotherapy & Delta Brainwave Series, followed by the entire Healing & Recovery: Hypnotherapy & Deep Delta Brainwave Series for maximum effectiveness!

Good quality stereo or surround sound headphones are recommended for the superior sound effects and benefits derived in training the brain.

This Series is not for use by anyone who is epileptic or prone to seizures; wears a pacemaker; is schizophrenic, psychotic, or prone to auditory hallucinations.

Please do not use any Mindinfusions product while, or within an hour of: driving, operating heavy machinery, bathing, sunbathing, or while doing anything that being deeply relaxed could result in harm to you or anyone else.

* Mindinfusions Therapy Sessions contain powerful, life-enhancing technologies. However, they are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological advice and/or treatment. No medical or health claims are intended, expressed, or implied. If you suffer from any medical condition or illness, please seek the advice of your medical physician or specialist.
** Individual results may vary.
*** Prices INCLUDE GST (Australian residents please ignore this default statement on Vimeo regarding tax - "You authorize On Demand Hypnosis to charge $AUD (plus any tax)" This will appear with the listed price even if you have a Promo Code, however you will only be charged the amount shown next to “Total:”
**** Please choose wisely as, due to the nature of the product, we do not refund or exchange for change of mind purchases.
***** For Samantha Jones' profile, see North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Sydney

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  • Session 1 (HEALING & RECOVERY: Hypno & DEEP DELTA)

    Session 1 of Healing & Recovery: Hypnotherapy & Deep Delta Brainwave Series (30 mins)
    Music: Tranquil Warm Ambience (surround sound with hypnotic video)
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