STUDY HELPER: Brainwave Series

STUDY HELPER: Brainwave Series

By popular demand, we are excited to announce the addition of Mindinfusions Therapy Sessions: Brainwave Series, produced in partnership with Clinical Hypnotherapist Samantha Jones of North Shore & City Hypnotherapy Australia! And we have added surround sound to make listening even more powerful, and hypnotic video for extra visual intrigue!

Are you tired of procrastination and distractions derailing your study sessions?
Do you crave laser-sharp concentration and unwavering motivation?
Are you ready to supercharge your learning potential?

Look no further! Dive into the extraordinary world of Study Helper: Brainwave Series, your open eye gateway to academic excellence.

Embark on a transformative journey: Our cutting-edge brainwave technology targets and modulates between SMR in the range of 12Hz–15Hz associated with mental clarity, focus and integration of sensory output, and Beta in the range of 15Hz-30Hz associated with intelligence, problem solving and writing ability.

Unlock your mind's full potential: Immerse yourself in a symphony of brainwave frequencies specially crafted to ignite your cognitive prowess. Experience a newfound sense of confidence and resilience, paving the way for academic triumph.

This Series consists of Accelerator Sessions 1 to 3 (45 minutes each). Each Session increases in intensity, strengthening, reinforcing, and expediting the process of change. (Please note: none of the Brainwave Series contain any voices or hypnotherapeutic suggestions).

This Series is designed to be used with the eyes open.

Background music/nature sounds: Flowing Atmosphere (+ white noise), Guitar Ambience (+ white noise), Slow Melodies (+ white noise)

What you can expect:
Unwavering Focus: Say goodbye to distractions as you dive into your study material with unparalleled concentration.
Memory Mastery: Retain information effortlessly and recall it when you need it most.
Motivation Overdrive: Reignite your passion for learning and achieve your goals with boundless determination.
Stress Reduction: Bid farewell to anxiety about study, leaving you calm, cool, and collected.

Join hundreds of successful students who have transformed their study routines with Study Helper: Brainwave Series. Start now to unlock a brighter, more intelligent future today!
Here is what people are saying:

“I love the simplicity of this being the first step to flow into study mode, and everything else just happens. Time passes quickly, and I am productive, calm and wouldn’t be without this study helper!”

“Samantha, I was in a bind and totally overwhelmed with all I needed to complete before my deadline, with very little preparation. I honestly did not know how I was going to manage to read and pull all the information together in time, and had every conceivable excuse at the ready… I was terrified of failing my course but even that did not motivate me to get cracking. You gave me some feedback about how this Series had helped others like me (you described me to a tee!), and I am gobsmacked that I just put it on, and calmly got the work done! I handed it in on time and did pretty well all considered. I have used this Series many times since. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“I was looking for a tool that would give me the edge and help with focus and concentration. I am thrilled that I found this. It takes my study sessions to the next level.”

“My son had major issues with procrastination and perfectionism and although he is incredibly bright, the feedback from his teachers was always the same, to the effect that he needed to apply himself more to reach his true potential. The HSC was coming up and he had some Sessions with you Samantha and you recommended a few products, this being one of them. It was such a relief to just watch his transformation. He is at Uni now and he still listens as a way of engaging his brain and optimizing his learning capacity. I am happy to provide this review, with love.”

“My Zoom study buddy recommended this to me, and it really has transformed the way I am able to be efficient and retain more information, in shorter time. I get into study mode faster and can keep going for extended periods of time when needed. Memory recall is so much better too, and I am motivated and eager to revise, study and do my work without feeling like it being a chore. My grades are so much better too.”

Don't wait another moment to take your academic journey to the next level. Embrace Study Helper: Brainwave Series and rewrite your success story. Your future self will thank you!

Instructions for Use
The Series are self-paced. Listen to Accelerator 1 once a day for 3 or more consecutive days before progressing on to Accelerator 2. Listen to Accelerator 2 once a day for 3 or more consecutive days, then move on to Accelerator 3, and continue in the same way until ready for the next level (if applicable), or to start the maintenance process. If using this Series concurrently with other Series, use at least 3 hours prior to or directly after an Alpha or Theta Session.

These Sessions are designed to be used with the eyes open. These products are not suitable to loop, nor suitable to play out loud on speakers. Good quality stereo or surround sound headphones are recommended for the superior sound effects and benefits derived in training the brain.

This Series is not for use by anyone who is epileptic or prone to seizures; wears a pacemaker; is schizophrenic, psychotic, or prone to auditory hallucinations.

Please do not use any Mindinfusions product while, or within an hour of: driving, operating heavy machinery, bathing, sunbathing, or while doing anything that being deeply relaxed could result in harm to you or anyone else.

Mindinfusions Therapy Sessions contain powerful, life-enhancing technologies. However, they are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological advice and/or treatment. No medical or health claims are intended, expressed, or implied. If you suffer from any medical condition or illness, please seek the advice of your medical physician or specialist.

* Individual results may vary.

STUDY HELPER: Brainwave Series
  • INTRO: Brainwave Series

    Hello and a very warm welcome to Mindinfusions Therapy Sessions. Our Brainwave Series contain innovative Brainwave Technology and mesmerizing video, while entrancing your mind with ambient music/nature sounds, now with surround sound. We call this the “inside out” approach. We partnered with A...

  • STUDY HELPER: Accelerator 1

    Accelerator 1 of STUDY HELPER: Brainwave Series (45 mins)
    Music: Flowing Atmosphere + white noise (surround sound with hypnotic video)
    Modulating SMR and Beta Brainwave Training
    (Please note: none of the Brainwave Series contain any voices or hypnotherapeutic suggestions).


  • STUDY HELPER: Accelerator 2

    Accelerator 2 of STUDY HELPER: Brainwave Series (45 mins)
    Music: Guitar Ambience + white noise (surround sound with hypnotic video)
    Intensified modulating SMR and Beta Brainwave Training
    (Please note: none of the Brainwave Series contain any voices or hypnotherapeutic suggestions).


  • STUDY HELPER: Accelerator 3

    Accelerator 3 of STUDY HELPER: Brainwave Series (45 mins)
    Music: Slow Melodies + white noise (surround sound with hypnotic video)
    Powerfully intensified modulating SMR and Beta Brainwave Training
    (Please note: none of the Brainwave Series contain any voices or hypnotherapeutic suggestions).